Data Science Camp is SF Bay ACM’s annual event combining sessions, keynote, and optional tutorial (extra-fee). It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about Data Science and connect with others, and we keep it near-free ($10 charge, includes coffee & lunch), now running in its eighth year.

Past Camps

  • 2017 Camp
  • 2016 Camp
  • 2015 Camp

Session Proposals

Session proposals are welcome from both individuals and companies. Please consider volunteering to speak or recommending people. Discuss submissions in our Data Science Camp Forum.

Here are some of the submissions for 2016:

  • Simon Frid “Estimators – Managing and Versioning Machine Learning Models in Python”
  • Boris Galitsky “A NLP Tool for Efficient Content Compilation” (presented remotely from Moscow, he has 100+ NLP publications)
  • Greg Makowski “Lifecycle of Model Management” (You can have all 3: accuracy, generalization & description)
  • Vanja Paunić “Scalable computing in R on Spark” (using Microsoft libararies)
  • Robert Benson “IIoT Analytics” (aka Digital Twin)

For more details for our current submissions visit our Data Science Camp Forum.