Professional Development Seminars

Fall 2019 brings a much-requested workshop. Join us on
Saturday, September 28, 2019 at Volvo Group office in Mountain View

The Professional Development Seminars (PDS) provide a platform for learning and engagement through curated topics presented by experienced instructors. Our goal is to provide broad and niche workshops that meet the stringent demands of today’s workspace. 

For more information, reach out to the SFBay PDS Chair: Yashesh Shroff, Ph.D. (tw: @yashroff).

Deep Learning with PyTorch: An AI workshop + Transfer Learning

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This is a one-day, 8-hr Bootcamp during which you will cover deep learning introduction to getting to production with optimized deployment.

Abstract – PyTorch is the fastest-growing framework to build deep learning algorithms. In this full-day workshop, we will cover the foundational elements of PyTorch and provide an intuitive understanding of model development from scratch. To solve real-world problems, we will cover a very critical area of AI called Transfer Learning, where you can build models on top of those created by Google and others. So if you are looking to expand your skillset in AI with the latest tools and techniques, this is a workshop you do not want to miss.
Lead Instructor: Ravi Ilango (Data Scientist, FogHorn)

Ravi has over 10 years of experience at Apple and Applied Materials as Data Scientist & Program Management. He has an MBA from Santa Clara University & a Graduate Certificate in Data Mining & Machine Learning from Stanford. Masters Program in Aeronautics and Production Engineering from IIT Madras. BS in Mechanical Engineering, Madras University.

Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals and application of ML / DL
  • Tools, techniques with a focus on PyTorch
  • Lab – using PyTorch to build and train deep neural networks. Cover image classification
  • PyTorch deep dive (Convolutional Neural networks, Recurrent Neural networks, Fault detection)
  • Lab – Build and train advanced detection models (different use cases)
  • Transfer learning
  • Lab – Transfer learning
  • Optimizing your solution for deployment
  • Lab – OpenVINO, TorchScript
  • Introduction to KubernetesThe benefits of EFS for TensorFlow (image data storage for TensorFlow jobs)
  • Pipeline uses the Kuberflow framework to deploy:
  • A JupyterHub to create & manage interactive Jupyter notebooks
  • A TensorFlow Training Controller that can be configured to use CPUs or GPUs
  • A TensorFlow Serving container

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We are always open to collaborating with learners and educators in creating new course content. SFBay ACM typically has two or more PDS workshops a year. If you are interested in participating, please review our Meetup page for details about upcoming sessions. You can always write to us directly at