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    This is a suggested panel, that requires a moderator and 1 – 5 panelists, who have been data science hiring managers. If interested, respond with discussion posts in this thread or contact me (i.e. on LinkedIn).

    Possible questions may include:
    How to find and RETAIN good DS / Big Data Engineering talent?
    Types of interview questions
    How to lead, how to motivate?
    How much of an “exact match” to requirements do you expect?
    How much initial training do you provide in the first 30-60 days? Formal or informal?
    For existing staff, how much ongoing training?
    How do you coach staff for a progression path?
    How to balance high achievers asking for a 40% raise, with the more typical salary range of other staff?
    What is a common work week length? During spikes of demand or business need?
    Do you care about Glassdoor (or other) reviews of your company, as a best place to work?
    How do you ensure the hiring process does not have any bad -ism’s (race, sex, …)?

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