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    I finally got my 1st job in coding, and particularly in machine learning! Really excited to share with you guys man! And whole lot of thanks to everyone on FCC! You guys are really awesome!

    I think ended up getting a job in the field of machine learning is a quite a different experience from most FCCers, so I hope that sharing these experience with you guys will help you on your decisions making when searching for your dream job in the future, and also open up more options to choose which field to specialise after finishing FCC extensive curriculum. Here is my story and experience to share with you guys.

    So I started out on FCC in July last year after dropping out from my university since I couldn’t transfer my degree to CS. It was long long hours of coding back then until December when I started FCC backend projects pair-programming with another FCCer. At that time, she and I were also searching for jobs, and since we lived in the same city, and so we can help out each other in finding jobs.

    Please help.

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