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    ChatBots are a new trend seen in consumer and enterprise – mainly utilized for support, e-commerce, booking travel and health advise. Other Bots provide games or Celebrity info.

    What are some of the new kinds of Bots that will be appearing and what are some of the related businesses and business models that have arisen around ChatBots?

    Marc Canter – Instigate
    Paul Walsh – MetaCert

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    Marc Canter, CEO / Chairman / Co-Founder is a new venture building Personal Bots for normal people. Anyone will be able to create their own Personal Bot – which will get smarter over time.

    Marc Canter is a 30+ year software entrepreneur, most known for founding MacroMind – which became Macromedia. Marc’s current startup – Instigate – is building Storytelling Bots.

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    Paul Walsh

    Founder & CEO
    Company: MetaCert – Security for Messenger Services
    Paul Walsh

    MetaCert is the most popular security company for messaging services such as Slack and HipChat. It is pecifically focused on protecting cryptocurrency communities from phishing attacks. MetaCert has also created News Reputation chatbots for Messenger, Skype and Kik.

    As the first International Beta Coordinator and Technical Accounts Manager hired by AOL outside the US, Paul was part of the New Technologies Team that launched AIM in 1997. He founded his first software testing company in 2003 and opened an Indian restaurant when he was 29. It has since been awarded a Michelin Star.

    Paul was one of the seven original founders of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative and was one of the two people who co-instigated the creation of the W3C Standard for Content Labeling while also being a named contributor to 8 W3C Technical Specifications. Paul also holds a full patent for in-app phishing detection and prevention with two more pending.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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